Wednesday, November 03, 2004

But we can reach the sky at night...

Somebody forgot to set the alarm.

I refuse to believe it. It didn’t happen. This is all just a very, very bad dream. John Kerry actually won the election. On the other side of sleep, I’ll find that George W. Bush got his ass kicked. He’s actually packing his bags right this very minute, despite the two-month respite until Inauguration. John Kerry is the President-elect.

Okay, so far it doesn’t seem like this is working. In dreams, when you realize you’re in a dream, you’re supposed to wake up… generally from the shock of your own self-realization. But it’s not happening. My lucidity is not snapping me out of this long, dark nightmare. The trees are bare and the grass is dying. Fish aren’t swimming and birds aren’t flying. All of a sudden, I’m falling, naked at the supermarket. Everyone is staring at me, asking me why I didn’t do more. More to help. More for my country. More for my family. More for my friends. More for myself. More for others.

Now I’m up in the middle of a tornado, spinning wildly without prediction. Touchdown doesn’t seem likely. I’m stuck up here, looking down at the ruination of the earth. I’m not able to do anything about it. If I’m not careful, this rotatory reverie will do me in.

Now I see the house where I grew up. It’s different now. The paint is thin. The beds are burning. The For Sale sign glows in dark red.

Now I’m standing in the middle of a crowded city square. There must be thousands of people all around me. But wait! I know every one of them. They are my friends. They are my family. They are people I’ve never met. They reach out to me in silence, as if I could help them. Too bad I’m stuck up here in this tornado. Yeah, I’m back there again. You know how dreams are. But now they’re all up here with me too. We’re all spinning out of control. We are, every single one of us, flying madly about with no direction. No strength. No true wisdom. They are dreaming too.

We all need to wake up.

Saturday, October 09, 2004

What a difference a debate makes...

Democratic Presidential candidate John F. Kerry seals the deal.

Not too long ago (see below), I was pretty frustrated with John Kerry. I was frustrated at the way he was handling his campaign, failing to adequately seize the many opportunities afforded him to absolutely squash Dubya. But the first debate changed everything. John Kerry came roaring out of the corner and actually changed me from anti-Bush to pro-Kerry, which is a lot considering I didn't care who was President so long as it wasn't the Shrub and I wasn't overly impressed with John Kerry. I had thought that his wife was kick-ass. I want a "Shove it!" shirt. And I felt a bit of the ick-factor when at the Democratic National Convention John Kerry was talking about his running mate and the camera panned to John Edwards before he actually knew it. He nudged his wife in the arm and then, with a painted-on smile and eyes looking forward, told her to "pay attention." It just didn't feel right to me.

But, despite what the mainstream press might say, Edwards kicked the Dick out of Cheney. And Kerry wiped the floor with Bush at the first debate. At the second Kerry-Bush showdown, Bush was a little better on his part for not reacting with the scowls and eye-rolling. He almost seemed, though, to swipe those sleeve-emotions with a loud, yelling, angry rhetoric that Kerry took full advantage of by remaining calm and not breaking the rules to interrupt moderator Charles Gibson (one of the most telling moments of the night, I thought -- really shows Bush's impatience with any viewpoint but his own).
While the media will tell you Kerry slightly won and Bush was much better, don't believe it. Kerry wiped the floor with Bush in their second encounter as well. Bush supporters bitch and complain about Kerry not having a plan for the war in Iraq, nor the economy, nor health care, nor terrorism, but the fact remains they simply do not listen. Kerry spelled out in very clear terms exactly what he would do to change what is now going so terribly wrong in the hands of a maniacal right-wing Christian fundamentalist President.

Republicans remain so blind; blind support for Bush and his war despite countless reports that the war is going terribly and dissent from even their own party, blind support for Israel despite the attrocities they cause on large scales, blind support for public policies that continue to hinder the rights of women, minorities, and children. What's the deal? It's a cheap and unfair shot to say that all Republicans are dumb hicks who, if only they were told the facts, could be persuaded to change their minds. It simply isn't true. Many Republicans are well-educated and see "the facts" every day yet remain so steadfast in their opinions. Could it be that they actually don't care, even though they seem to passionately back everything they talk about?
Like many Democratic strategists are saying about the President, does it a strong country make to be steadfastly heading in the wrong direction, fighting the wrong wars, making the wrong decisions? John Kerry showed his strength in the debates so far and only has to slightly beat Bush in the third and final battle to be considered the stronger candidate heading into the the last three weeks of the campaign. I am now solidly supporting Kerry, rather than supporting him because he isn't George W. Bush.

Thursday, September 30, 2004

Made for America, but strong enough for the world?

What's wrong with John Kerry?

It’s now approximately three hours away from the start of the first debate in the most important Presidential election in modern history, if not the whole darn thing. As I sit here pondering just what the heck can John Kerry do to put Dubya the Dolt in his place, I seriously ask myself: would he even do it if he could? It’s been a long, tedious trek since the Dean Scream, the night John Kerry landed heftily on the national stage. But what has happened since then? Kerry has done zero to nothing to embolden his stance against our Idiot Incumbent. How is this even possible?

With the record George W. Bush has as President, it would seem that even a ficus could trounce the Commander in Chief. But no ficus is running. And John Kerry barely is. Do we blame the media? They certainly have a knack for turning every little gaffe into a Gate. The Swift Boat Vets and the CBS memos have done serious damage to the Democratic challenger, and yet he just sits there and absorbs it when he should be saying, “I’m fucking pissed off, people. I’m fucking pissed off and I’m not going to fucking take it any fucking more!” Do we blame Howard Dean? His scream, while barely a news story, did seem to have an effect on the public’s view of liberals. "They’re crazy idiots, those Bible-burning, baby-killing, anal sex-having, blood curdle-screaming, unpatriotic shrews!" The media’s obsession with it certainly didn’t help. I don’t blame Dean, though. He’s a brilliant man who has done a lot of wonderful things for our country, most notably among them truly stirring up the grassroots movement that allowed for criticism of this President. Funny, though, how somehow half the country’s anger is called “grassroots.”

Do we blame Karl Rove? Certainly a little, but not entirely. Boy, does the whole CBS memo case smell of that awful man. And somehow, the whole “flip-flop” label stuck, even though Bush’s whole presidency has consisted of a lot of flips and mostly flops. Do we blame the President himself? Of course, but for some reason that awful smirk and Bubba laugh have half of America swooning. No, what it eventually boils down to is this: John Kerry may not be strong enough to be President after all. He can’t even stand up for himself enough on the most basic of issues and he can’t attack enough the vilest of George Bush’s atrocious meanders. I’m voting for John Kerry, yes, because he isn’t George W. Bush. This much is clear. But I don’t feel good about it, and that makes me feel even worse. In such an important event, the country and the world need a person who isn’t George Bush. We need it ever so desperately that whoever the Running Man ended up being, he should give it everything in his being to take down what was never rightfully put up.